Local SBM Networks

For the last ten years we have worked with over 20 local SBM network groups, providing support, advice and powerful online tools. We help them to grow in numbers and provide significant value-added benefits to the work they do.

Since 2007 we have helped over 20 local SBM groups either form or grow and have developed a series of online tools, templates and strategies to help maximise the effectiveness while minimising the work involved. We have also helped to generate significant income for many groups to help them to provide high quality CPD and training to their members - meaning that working with us usually makes groups a great deal more money than it costs them.

In the 2017 DfE Publication - the "Schools Buying Strategy" the importance of Local SBM Networks was identified and forms one of the main initiatives of the strategy.

We are passionate about supporting the SBM community and would welcome the opportunity to support any local SBM group.

Our online tool includes the following features:-

Communication tools including discussion forums and secure email
Document libraries
Sign up for events / conferences including simple generation of delegate lists and delegate badges
A powerful, integrated membership database where members can update their own contact details
Membership renewal tools that significantly reduce the workload
Tools to engage sponsors and help generate valuable income
Marketing and membership analysis tools to help understand your membership and constituency
Plus many more time / effort saving tools

We also work to put local SBM groups in touch with each other and provide collaborative platforms to support information sharing and special projects such as collaborative procurement.

These are just some of the groups that we are currently working with:-

Association of Wolverhampton School Business Management

Birmingham Association of School Business Management

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Academies Group

Coast and Moors School Business Leaders

Cumbria Association of School Business Administration and Management

Dudley Association of School Business Managers

East Berkshire SBM Group


Hertfordshire School Business Management Group

Humber and East Yorkshire School Business Leaders


Leeds School Managers Forum

Leicestershire Academies Group

Liverpool School Business Manager Association

Midland Bursar Group

Newham Association of School Business Management


Oxfordshire Academies Business Managers Group

Sandwell Bursar Group

Shropshire School Business Managers Association

Solihull Schools Business Managers Group

Somerset School Business Leaders

South East Schools Business Network

South Gloucestershire School Business Leaders

South Yorkshire SBL Group

Stockport Association of School Business Management

Walsall Bursar Group

West Sussex School Business Managers

Worcestershire Association of School Business Management

If you are already involved in running a local SBM group, or are looking to set one up then get in touch:-

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