Support for Multi Academy Trusts

However difficult the management of staff and governors was has only increased with the additional layers of working that the advent of Multi Academy Trusts have given us.

We specialise in providing online communities that help bring order to the chaos and pull people together.

Our online community system can be tailored to your school / trust, helping organise and deliver paperless meetings, and provide a communication platform that means every member of the organisation can access everyone else they need to quickly and easily no matter how large your community is, or how wide it is geographically spread out. We have online communities ranging from 10 to over 1000 members.

The cost is just £365 per year for up to 50 users making it one of the most affordable options available.

Our online community tool includes all the following features:-

Complete meeting management from sending out invites and gathering responses to centrally storing all the documents and presentations which then automatically fall into a searchable archive.
Communication tools including discussion forums and secure email.
Customisable online forms to allow you to centrally gather things like pecuniary interests, training requests etc.
A policy management tool to track when policies are due for renewal, including tiered management to differentiate between local school and MAT wide policies.
Everything can be managed through groups / committees so that information is only sent to those that need it, providing confidentiality and streamlining the information people receive.
Plus many more tools to improve communication and save time / effort.

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