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Making the job of supporting your members easier

theEducationCollective are proud to support more local and regional SBM Networks than anyone else. We have well over ten years of experience and help support thousands of SBM's across the country and over 30 local and regional groups.

How We Can Help

Our online community software not only provides valuable communication tools to support your members, but it is also a vaulable management information tool making the job of running a group easier.

We can help you...

...get your members talking

Amongst the range of tools included in our plaform, perhaps the most valuable and used tools utilised by members are:

...cut your workload

Running a local or regional SBM group is time consuming and can be complex - particularly as your membership grows. You would not dream of running a school without some sort of management information system, and keeping records of members and events for your group is no different. Just some of the time saving tools included are:

We are also able to offer advice and guidance on running a group and provide a host of additional tools including support with income generation, day to day administration of your group and event management.

Our Partners

These are just some of the group we are currently working with:

Find Out More

We would be happy to offer a free, no-obligation trial to any new or existing SBM group. If you would like to know more then please get in touch using the contact us form below.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of our services in more detail then please get in touch:

Twitter: @EducationCol
Phone: 0330 2234208
Email: enquiry@​theEducation​