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We can help you take control of your school website

The school website has grown in significance over the last decade and is now seen as a vital instrument in the effective running of a school. However, designing and implementing a new website is only the first step. If you do not have a strategy in place to keep it up to date and compliant then it can become a risk to your reputation rather than an asset.

We can offer support in these areas to help you maximise the investment you have already made in your website.

Website Strategy

Too often, schools invest in a brand new website, often costing thousands of pounds. But within a few months it quickly falls out of date. Within a couple of years schools find themselves in the position where they are having to consider writing off their website and starting again because it has become so dated it is no longer fit for purpose and the job of getting it up to date seems overwhelming.

We can help you to develop a sustainable strategy to make sure the whole school is involved in keeping the website up to date and relevant. With our help your website can become an instrument of engagement, information and marketing.

It is also very likely that we can help you get your existing website back on track far cheaper than having to invest in something new. We can review and map your existing website and come up with a new structure and a plan to revitalise the website to make it relevant, engaging and sustainable - no matter what the starting point.

Website Compliance

Keeping track of all the legislation and whether you have ticked all the boxes is one of those time-consuming tasks that will probably never make it to the top of your to do list. Furthermore, it is not a job you can get away with doing just once a year as the requirements all kick in at different times of the year. With your website being the first port of call for Ofsted inspectors, not being compliant is not an option. We can help with either one off compliance checks or a year-round monitoring service to help you prepare.

Online Marketing and Parental Engagement

Your website can form the heart of an online marketing strategy and we can help take a lot of the work out of extending its reach into the world of social media. Whether you are looking to improve parental engagement, advertise vacancies or raise your profile within the local community, our specially developed tools can automatically generate online social media traffic from your website content.

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